Hope and Purpose Ministries owns and operates a palm plant farm in the Bakassi Peninsula area of Cameroon in west Africa. Fr. Elias Mengjo Bongayen runs the Hope and Purpose Farm and teaches men and women in the area how to develop the crops grown to be produced and sold as a steady source of income for the families in this very poor area.

The farm is close to its first big harvest of palm plants, and the community is URGENTLY in need of a clean water source. Sometimes, we take things like having clean drinking water for granted, and this is a problem sorely plaguing the community in Isangele-Bakassi.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 in order to supply the nearly six thousand people in the area with clean water through a solar powered well. A solar powered well would help with sustainability in an area where electricity is not very reliable. The well will also allow the men and women see that the work they are doing is purposeful and will give hope to the community.

Any tax deductible gift you can offer would be a huge a help in providing the Isangele-Bakassi community in Cameroon with a clean water source! Thank you for your continued support of Hope and Purpose Ministries and our efforts around the world!