“I’m very grateful that he (Deacon Oney) came… We really needed something to give us a boost, a spiritual boost, and also people are learning at the same time the importance of the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit and we need those to be able to move forward.”

-Fr. George Stewart (Pastor, St. Augustine-Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in the Bronx, NY)



“It (what we were looking for in a preacher) was just there. Everything was just perfect. So I’m really grateful them (the Oneys) to come to Poland and to share their faith and their love to each other. That was really something.”

-Fr. Paweł Sawiak (A leader in the Charismatic Renewal in Poland)


“We really feel that the Holy Spirit has moved upon us and was changing our hearts and making us a new creation. I feel like it was a transformative experience and we were taken to a higher level so to speak. We were just admiring and being astonished and amazed with the work of the Holy Spirit at our conference (the 2019 Hawaii Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services Regional Conference). We are so grateful and edified with Deacon Larry and Andi Oney helping us realize this wonderful new creation in Christ.”

-Jorge Samaniego (Chairman of Hawaii Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services)



“It (healing service) was something I can hardly describe. I’ve been playing like I said since I was 13, and in Jamaica (where he was raised), there’s a lot of evangelical churches where I’ve witnessed healing services, but nothing like last night. The Holy Spirit was here and manifested itself in everyone that was present. And it’s something I will never forget. I will absolutely never forget this experience.”

-Mark Howell (Music ministry leader in the Bronx, NY)