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One of the main initiatives of Hope and Purpose Ministries is to provide hope to the urban population.  This group is often marginalized and forgotten by the world–underappreciated for the the gifts that they bring to the Christian table.

In an effort to offer encouragement and to help heal the broken-hearted in our urban communities, Hope and Purpose Ministries serves through offering anointed teaching and preaching and holding revivals to being these communities together to try to heal the wounds of years of strife and neglect.  While we understand that this healing might not happen over-night, we are committed to our Urban Evangelization efforts.

Another Urban Evangelization event took place in Baltimore, Maryland in December 2016.  Deacon Larry Oney, president of Hope and Purpose Ministries, offered a three-day Revival at the Historic Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church in downtown Baltimore.  During this revival, we invited the wider Christian community to join us for a time of refreshment and dynamic and anointed preaching and teaching.  Every evening there was a time for ministry for healing.

Revival at the Historic Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church (1501 East Oliver St., Baltimore, MD)
Dec. 1 to 3, 2016 6:30 pm
Theme: I Will Return to My Father’s House

A short excerpt by Deacon Oney on the first night of the Revival:

“You have to make a commitment of your time if you’re going to enter into your divine mission upon the earth. Your work in heaven will be different than your work upon the earth. Because, see, in heaven, you’re going to spend all of your time praising God, Amen? … For those people who say, “Well, I just want to be quiet in church”—the early Church wasn’t quiet. In fact, St. Ambrose said that the Doxology was so loud, the pagan temples in Rome shook when they said the Amen.

Your history does not determine your destiny. So, what is this…how can you discover what God has assigned for you to do upon the earth? First, we’ve got to get straight in our mind that God has an assignment for me upon the earth. He didn’t just make me like everybody else. He made each one of us in a peculiar and a particular way. Some of us are more peculiar than others, Amen? But God made us different. God says, I’m making you like this, and it’s part of the beauty that is brought to the Body of Christ. We shouldn’t worry that we’re different than other people—God made us like that, because he has a specific assignment for us upon the earth.

So, I want to look for a minute, then, about how we can discover and enter and walk in our divine assignment. We’re going to be on this theme. That young man in the gospel of Luke had lost a sense of what God had called him to. This is what happens when you lose a sense of having a destiny, a sense of assignment, that God has called you to something. You just keep going through the motions. Nothing tastes good. You eat food because you need it to live, but it doesn’t have any taste in it. You go to work because that’s what you always do; you come to church because that’s what you’ve always done. God wants to break that and say, I want you to get a sense of what your particular calling is upon the earth. He wants you to discover, to enter, and to walk. Most people never enter because they’ve never discovered.”

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