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Amazing Grace Overcoming Race

— Deacon Larry Oney

This book is not just an autobiography of Larry Oney’s life so far; rather it is his inspiring testimony to the power of God’s love and grace in his life. Deacon Larry shares his struggles of growing up as a sharecropper’s son, his growing awareness of structural-racism, and God’s grace throughout his life. This inspiring story calls us all to be more open to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives!

This book is no longer in print. Deacon Oney is working with The Word Among Us Press to publish an revised edition of this book. We hope to have it published in 2018.

Speaking about Amazing Grace Overcoming Race: “Thank you for placing these reflections in writing and for giving me an opportunity to read these reflections on your life and on the important topic of racism. Thanks for your witness to ‘The New Evangelization.’ I am humbled to know that our prayer for the New Battle of New Orleans gave you further motivation to publish this work and to give us an opportunity to grow in God’s wisdom through you.” –Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond Archbishop of New Orleans in a personal letter about Deacon Oney’s book: Amazing Grace Overcoming Race


UP FAITH! God loves a faith that is always looking up!

— Deacon Larry Oney

A 31 day guide to lift your faith to the next level! This guide is an easy to read, faith-inspiring Bible Study/Reflection book. Each day examines a new Scripture with reflections, contemplation questions, and personal reflection questions.

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Reflections on The Kingdom of God

— Deacon Larry Oney

A monthly reflection book on the Kingdom of God with 31 entries-one for every day of the month. Perfect for your own spiritual growth or to give as a gift, this book contains reflections on Scriptures concerning the Kingdom of God and our place within the Kingdom. Each day examines a new Scripture with reflections, contemplation questions, and personal reflection questions.

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Preaching Jesus in the Time of the New Evangelization

— Deacon Larry Oney and Fr. William Maestri

The call to the New Evangelization is the challenge of this moment in the Church’s history. This challenge is not simply a message but a Person—the Person of Jesus Christ. In the message and Person of Jesus there is a meeting; that is, both come together at the intersection of mercy. Within these pages is both the invitation and the path forward to proclaim Jesus in this age. When so many are searching for answers to life’s fundamental questions, the ministry of preaching the Word has never been more important. Those in the pew are surrounded each day by countless words. However, it is from the pulpit that is offered the living Word of life. Those, both deacons and priest, called to the vocation of preaching have received a great grace. In this time of the New Evangelization, the need to Preach Jesus has gained a new urgency. May this book be a blessing for all engaged in the preaching ministry.

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