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Ecumenical Harmony

Ecumenism is when Christians from different sects within Christianity come together.  Hope and Purpose Ministries strives to promote an atmosphere of Ecumenical Harmony for the betterment of our Christian faith and our communities.  It is our prayer that our Ecumenical Harmony initiative will help our Christian community to:

Eliminate prejudice that creates tension between members of different religious traditions.
Promote friendship and trust among people of different Christian traditions.
See that all people are treated with dignity and respect.

We believe that it is important for Christians to begin with intrafaith dialogue—people within the same tradition speaking to each other about what they believe.  This is one way to grow in your own faith-tradition.  To learn more about intrafaith dialogue, please see our New Evangelization page.  This intrafaith dialogue can then lead to interfaith dialogue—discussion with people of different faith traditions.  In this way, our Christian faith can grow and our communities can benefit from us working together toward common goals and shared resources.

The goals and actions for the Ecumenical Harmony initiative of Hope and Purpose Ministries are:

Goal #1:  Promote an atmosphere of Ecumenical Harmony wherever Hope and Purpose Ministries goes for an event.

1. Develop and promote Prayer walks in various cities around the country.
2.  Design and implement elements of a Social Media Campaign that will help to support Church leadership in various cities around the country implement and sustain ecumenical prayer walks.

Goal #2:  Develop and implement a program for Awareness Nights.

1. Develop a program for “Awareness Nights.”
2.  Implement the program in one new city a year.
3.  Offer ongoing resources for sustainability.

Goal #3:  Develop and implement a Food and Fellowship program that supports Ecumenical Harmony.

1. Develop, implement, and promote a “Food and Fellowship” program that supports Ecumenical Harmony.
2.  Provide ongoing resources to support the “Food and Fellowship” program.
3.  Develop a plan for social media outreach that supports the “Food and Fellowship” program.

Target Audience of this Initiative:  We desire to help the Catholic Community peacefully co-exist with other faith traditions in order to work toward a more peaceful world of cooperation to end social injustice, feed the hungry, and support our other ministry goals.

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