Esther sent back to Mordecai the response:  “Go and assemble all the Jews who are in Susa; fast on my behalf, all of you, not eating or drinking night or day for three days. I and my maids will also fast in the same way. Thus prepared, I will go to the king, contrary to the law. If I perish, I perish!”
Esther 4:15-16, NABRE


The Book of Esther is an exciting tale of one woman’s call to faith and her response. Esther was a Jewish woman married to a Persian King (he did not know that she was Jewish). At that time, a person could not go to see the king unless he called for that person—it would mean that person’s death.

Mordecai, Esther’s uncle, told her that the king had declared that all Jews would be killed at a certain time and asked her to intervene. Esther put her faith in God and asked Mordecai and the Jews in the city to fast and pray for her for three days. Esther knew the power of prayer and fasting and she had faith in God that He would hear their plea and keep her safe. Through her faith, and the faith of the Jewish people, not only did Esther survive going to see the king uninvited, but she help to save all of the Jews in that kingdom (the declaration to kill all of the Jews was lifted by the king).

Contemplation Question(s):

How did Esther show her faith?

Personal Reflection:

Do you feel like your faith is strong enough to stand for what is right no matter the consequences?   How do you prepare yourself for what is to come in daily life? Do you pray and fast as an act of faith?

*This post is an excerpt taken from Up Faith!  God loves a faith that is always looking up! By Deacon Larry Oney ©2013 All Rights Reserved.

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