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Deacon Larry made an appearance on EWTN Franciscan University Presents on November 6, 2016. During the hour-long interview, Deacon Larry and the panel discussed his latest book:  Preaching Jesus in the Time of the New Evangelization.

Deacon Larry made an appearance on EWTN Bookmark on November 6, 2016. During the interview, Deacon Larry discussed his first book:  Amazing Grace Overcoming Race with host Doug Keck.



In this episode of EWTN’s The World Over Live (which originally aired May 2015), Deacon Larry Oney will join host Raymond Arroyo for an important discussion about his ministry–Hope and Purpose Ministries, and on race relations in America at this moment in our history.  The discussion also includes Deacon Oney’s response to what has been happening on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland and Ferguson, MO and his plans for inner city renewal and healing.

If you missed Deacon Larry Oney on EWTN’s Women of Grace, you can still see the first interview on the Women of Grace website.  Here is the link for the show (this will open in a new window):

10715 – Finding True Freedom: Overcoming Race Through Grace, Part 1 (Program 10715) Guest: Deacon Larry Oney

Deacon Larry made an appearance on EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa on Wednesday, June 24. During the hour-long interview, Deacon Larry and Fr. Pacwa discussed the current climate of race relations in America, particularly the recent tragedy in Charleston, SC. Deacon Larry also answered questions from the live studio audience.

Deacon Larry Oney appeared on The Choices We Face with Dr. Ralph Martin and Peter Herbeck (the show originally aired in 2011).