For Hope and Purpose Ministries, evangelization does not stop at our borders but goes beyond the United States of America to the four corners of the world.  We have been on missions to Canada, Europe, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Africa.  We are called to help people around the world by offering hope and purpose to all and to extend an invitation to meet Jesus.

In May of 2019, Deacon Larry and Andi Oney were the keynote presenters at the 13th Annual Weekend of Grace for Women in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

About 300 women from all over Canada, from British Columbia in the west to Newfoundland in the east, gathered for the conference to be built up in the Holy Spirit.

The women went out from the conference feeling refreshed and on fire for the Lord! Karen Williams, an organizer for the Weekend of Grace for Women for 13 years, said after the conference, “I am on fire for the Lord this morning! It’s been an amazing weekend. And what you (Deacon Larry Oney) and Andi brought to us last night, the crying out of the Daughters of Zion, we have never experienced anything like that before and it was amazing.”

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