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Deacon Larry Oney is the founder and President of Hope and Purpose Ministries. He lead the mission team to Uganda, East Africa from June 27 to July 8, 2018.

Todd Villarrubia, a businessman from New Orleans, joined the team for his first international mission with us.

Austin Simmons, Multi-Media Production Manager, joined the team.

Scholastica Kabapagasa is the leader of the Hope and Purpose Ministries Ministry Team in Uganda. She was joined by fellow ministry team members, Charles Ojinga and Gloria Kisunga.  The last international team member is Fr. Oboi Joachim, a priest from the South Sudan.

Deacon Larry Oney – Mission Trip to Uganda, East Africa 2018

Deacon Larry Oney, founder and president of Hope and Purpose Ministries, traveled to Uganda, East Africa in June/July 2018.  Deacon Oney led the mission team with members from the United States, Uganda, and the South Sudan.  During this mission, Deacon Oney taught at the Renewal Ministries Annual Priests’ Retreat to over 300 priests; as well as, two public events where thousands gathered.  The team was also present for the elementary school dedication that Hope and Purpose Ministries helped to build and supports.

For Hope and Purpose Ministries evangelization does not stop at our borders but goes beyond the United States of America to the four corners of the world.  We have been on missions to Canada, Europe, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Africa.  We are called to help people around the world by offering hope and purpose to all and to extend an invitation to meet Jesus.


Below are some daily updates and recap videos from the 2018 Mission to Uganda, East Africa. A special thank you to all of our supporters, both financially and spiritually for your help with this mission.  Be sure to visit our other social media channels for different videos, pictures, and updates!

Below are some resources from our international missions:

The Faith Series was recorded during our Canada Mission in 2013.

These next 5 teachings were recorded during our 2014 and 2015 East Africa missions.

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