2019 Mission to Tanzania

In the summer of 2019, Deacon Larry Oney and Hope and Purpose Ministries led a mission to Arusha, Tanzania in East Africa.

Several thousand people attended the mission each day at Mt. Vincent Pallotti Church in Arusha leading up to Pentecost 2019. The Holy Spirit was present and powerful in the people of Arusha! Magdalene, a member of the mission team and intercessary team from Uganda, said, “I feel that the Holy Spirit has really done a great thing. I thank Hope and Purpose Ministries for organizing this conference because it has blessed me.” Deacon Oney, along with Deacon Lawrence Houston who was a part of the team for this mission, participated in Mass on Pentecost as well.

During the week, the Hope and Purpose team handed out thousands of rosaries and medals that were donated to the people of Arusha by multiple communities in the United States. The people were very grateful for the generosity of the donors!

The Hope and Purpose team also took a trip to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University to minister to hundreds of students, and the student’s dedicated their lives to Christ and opened themselves up to the Holy Spirit!

Fr. Mushabe Sylvanus Amooti said about the mission, “This trip for me particularly has a very special anointing… I say this is one of the most touching international trips that I’ve made, international evangelization ministries that I have joined.”

Scholastica Kabapagasa added, “I have seen the Lord at work. I have seen the Lord moving in the lives of people.”

The Ministry Team for this mission consisted of: Deacon Larry Oney, Deacon Lawrence Houston (from St. Peter Claver in New Orleans, LA), Austin Simmons (Hope and Purpose multi-media manager), Scholastica Kabapagasa (Hope and Purpose Intercessory Team), Magdalene (Hope and Purpose Intercessory Team), Tiopista (Hope and Purpose Intercessory Team), Fr. Mushabe Sylvanus Amooti (Hope and Purpose Team Member), and Michael Wobamba (Hope and Purpose Mission Team Member).