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For Hope and Purpose Ministries evangelization does not stop at our borders but goes beyond the United States of America to the four corners of the world.  We have been on missions to Canada, Europe, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Africa.

Deacon Oney has been to Africa many times for a variety of missions, retreats, and preaching events.  In 2014, Deacon Oney made two mission trips to Uganda.  The first trip was in February and when he went to lead a retreat for members of Parliament and to preach at local parishes.  The second mission trip was in June 2014.  Deacon Oney preached at the Great Gathering of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Family in Kampala, Uganda. This event brought together leaders from the international community to a deep spiritual experience, an encounter with the Living Lord in the Eucharist, Adoration, and Ministry times.  Please see the gallery below for highlights from this event:

While on each mission, we have observed places of peace and those at way.  People wo are struggling to survive and find enough to eat, and those who have plenty.  In the areas where more is needed, Hope and Purpose Ministries is committed to helping however we are able.  For how can a people hear the Gospel of hope where there is no hope; where hunger is a daily struggle; where education goes to a privileged few and is not a right.  Hope and Purpose Ministries understands that to have effective evangelization, we must first show the Gospel and try to help those in need by offering hope in tangible ways.  

In trying to offer tangible solutions to real world problems, Hope and Purpose Ministries supports several outreach programs in Uganda, East Africa.  In the field of education, we support several children at a local school by providing school supplies and assistance with school fees as there is no public school system in Uganda.  We are working to try to provide some basic playground equipment for the children because this is non-existent there.  Many of the children have no parents as HIV/AIDS has devastated many families in this community.

Below is a gallery of pictures of the children, the school, and the community:

We have seven team members that are based in Uganda who have recently conducted a mission outreach to the villages that are even more rural than the one pictured above.

In addition to supporting education in the area, we also hold rallies as one way to evangelize and help foster a sense of community for the Christians in the area.  It is our hope that we can continue to grow our international outreach program in Uganda.  We are trying to raise the funds to build Hope House; a place that will offer hope and support to the community with assistance for the basic necessities like fresh water and food; as well as, a place for spiritual growth and refreshment. 

Another initiative for Hope and Purpose Ministries in Uganda is to offer support to the Sudanese women and children who are fleeing their homes and moving into Uganda trying to escape the war.  Most of these women are widows with children who have nothing–they had to leave their homes with only the clothes on their backs to save their children from the devastation that was happening all around them.  These families are in need of basic needs, hope, and a place where they can come for resources.

Below is a gallery of pictures of a recent rally that Hope and Purpose Ministries held in Uganda: