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The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops states the following about the New Evangelization on their website:

“The New Evangelization calls each of us to deepen our faith, believe in the Gospel message and go forth to proclaim the Gospel. The focus of the New Evangelization calls all Catholics to be evangelized and then go forth to evangelize.”

Hope and Purpose Ministries is in agreement with the USCCB and we actively participate in the New Evangelization.  For us, all evangelization is a work of God. The New Evangelization is about meeting the people where they are at, not where we would like them to be.  It is about extending an invitation to them to come and meet Jesus for the first time or in a new way.  We strive to be a positive part of the spiritual growth of everyone we encounter.  To help us meet our calling in the New Evangelization, Hope and Purpose Ministries has the following goals and actions:

The Hope and Purpose Ministries’ New Evangelization Initiative consists of the following goals and actions:

Goal #1:  Sharing the Gospel message in its entirety.

1.  To preach using the Augustinian Method of Preaching (to teach, delight, and persuade).
2.  Teach/Train Priests/Deacons to use Augustinian Method in their Apostolic Preaching.
3.  To produce a line of Bible Studies and publish one new study every quarter.
4.  Teaching/Preaching in at least five Churches per year.
5.  Teaching for at least two (2) Conferences/Retreats per year (preferably one national conference, one charismatic conference, one men’s conference, and/or one women’s conference—or some combination of those groups).
6.  Design and implement a line of materials for the Divine Mission Teaching Series.
7.  Design and implement a Social Media Campaign that will give us avenues to share the Gospel with the world.

Goal #2:  To re-engage, renew, and re-invigorate in all Catholics our Baptismal call to enthusiastically share Jesus.

1.  Develop a training program for leaders in the Church that will help them learn how to engage the parishioners to grow in and share their faith.
2.  Develop materials, products, and resources to support Catholics in learning and getting excited about their faith again.
3.  To write and publish a book(s) to support priests and laity in understanding the Sacraments as relevant in today’s world.
4. Design and implement elements of a Social Media Campaign that will give us avenues to begin and continue a conversation about our faith.

Goal #3:  To support (Arch)Dioceses, parishes, and Catholic Groups to spiritually grow and listen more fully to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

1. Develop and offer programs at the diocesan level, parish level, and to groups to teach about following the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
2.  Write and publish materials concerning living in the Spirit, growing deeper in our faith, and sharing our faith with others.
3.  Offer Life in the Spirit Programs.
4.  Design and implement elements of a Social Media Campaign that will help to support Church leadership continue to spiritually grow and to listen more fully to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and to share that with their parishioners.

Target Audience of this Initiative:  People “in the pews”—Catholics who are Church going, but perhaps want to move forward in their faith, or are just “going through the motions.”  Priests/Deacons who preach to the congregations every Sunday but perhaps need encouragement because they may be losing heart or feeling overwhelmed (or are tired of competing for the attention of their congregation).  Children, teens, and young adults, and adults who were raised in the faith; yet are still searching for a deeper relationship with the Lord and are searching for their Divine Purpose in life.

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