Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance should we request Deacon Oney to speak at our event?



We recommend submitting your Speaker Request at least six (6) months in advance of your event. While we do try to accommodate every Speaker Request, Deacon Oney has events booked as far as three (3) years in advance, so his calendar can become full.

How long will you hold a date while we are planning an event?

We can only temporarily hold a date if we are working on a contract. The date or dates of your event will only be placed on our calendar once we have a signed Speaker’s Agreement. We recommend that you have a list of possible dates for the event before contacting us to book Deacon Oney to speak.

Do we have to come up with a list of topics or specific teachings for Deacon Oney to give or does he supply those for us?

Either way is fine. If you know what you would like Deacon Oney to speak about to fit the theme of your event, we can certainly discuss that in more detail. If, however, you are unsure what theme you would like to use for your event, we can help you discover what best fits your needs for your event during our initial interview. Either way is fine as long as it is clearly stated from the beginning and both sides understand what is being asked. The Speaker’s Agreement will state the teachings in as much detail as needed for both sides.

How do we book Deacon Oney to speak at our event?


Once you have the location and dates for your event decided, the organizer of the event should fill out the Speaker Request form on our webpage. We will contact you to discuss the opportunity, usually within 48 hours. If your dates are set, we recommend checking Deacon Oney’s calendar on our website to see if he is free for your dates.


I am an organizer of a Christian event that is not at a Catholic Church, is it still possible to book Deacon Oney to speak at our event?


Yes! We are all Christians and are working to build the Kingdom of God. Deacon Oney has often been asked to speak at Christian events and depending on his schedule, he will consider each request individually.

I would like to give my pastor or group leader more information about Deacon Oney and his ministry. What do you recommend?



Click here for Deacon Oney’s Speaker’s Kit.  This kit has information about Deacon Oney and the ministry, as well as:  suggested topics, television appearances, book list, testimonials, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.  This information can be printed and taken to your pastor for discussion or you may download it and email it to your pastor. If your pastor/group leader has further questions, he/she may contact our ministry team using our contact form on the Contact Us Page.



This is my first time organizing an event for my parish. What can I expect from Deacon Oney and his Ministry team?



You can expect your communication with us to be friendly and timely with an eye toward helping you put on a successful event! We are here to help. From advertising to permissions, schedules to solid teachings, we will work with you to handle the speaker portion of your event.

What is your Statement of Faith?

Deacon Larry Oney is a Roman Catholic deacon and is in agreement with the Roman Catholic Church.

Why do you need a “Letter of Suitability” to speak at our event?

If your church/organization is outside of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, a Letter of Suitability will need to be obtained. Our staff will take care of all of the paperwork. Your pastor (or the event organizer) will receive the Letter of Suitability, and so will the (Arch)Bishop of your (Arch)Diocese. This letter lets your bishop know who will be speaking in his diocese; as well as assure your parish that Deacon Oney is a deacon in good standing with the Catholic Church. It also keeps his Archbishop informed of his ministry.

We are requesting that Mr. Oney speak at our Business event. Since this is not a “church” event, do we need to tell you what Diocese we are in?

If you are requesting that Larry Oney be a guest speaker at your event as a business leader (and not in the capacity of a deacon) a Letter of Suitability will not be needed. There is a different set of questions that will be asked for a business event.

Can Deacon Oney contribute to the book sale that will be at our event?

Yes, Deacon Oney is often asked to bring his materials (books, CDs, and DVDs) to events to make them available for sale to participants.

What is Hope and Purpose Ministries? How can I help you with your ministry?

The mission of Hope and Purpose Ministries is to participate in the New Evangelization through preaching, teaching, and the use of excellent media initiatives and by offering hope and purpose to all individuals through encouragement and knowledge sharing.

Hope and Purpose Ministries was created to teach, mentor, and inspire people through the creation, publication, and distribution of Biblically-sound, Catholic materials in all forms of media, for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God through evangelization, catechesis, and education. Furthermore, Hope and Purpose Ministries works to grow the Kingdom of God with person-to-person witnessing, teaching, and mentoring through prayer opportunities, conferences, retreats, missions, and other speaking engagements.

You can help by praying for our ministry, consider partnering with us by donating to help us with our costs, by attending our events, consider having one of our speakers at your next event, and by purchasing our products from our shop page.

I have heard Deacon Oney speak and would like him to come to my parish. How can I do this?

Our first suggestion is to have a conversation with your pastor about what you have heard and why you would like to have Deacon Oney at your parish. If your pastor is in favor of an event, please contact us and we can begin helping you to plan an event. Please note that we will always ask any organizer if we have the pastor’s permission to do an event.

What is the cost of having Deacon Oney for our event?

Each event is discerned individually. Every event is unique and preparing for each event takes time to prayerfully discern. Once you have discussed your event with the Director of Ministry, a stipend amount will be suggested. Please understand that the speaker fees that we collect are what supports our ministry and our ministry initiatives.  If your event is  not local to the New Orleans area, then travel expenses will need to be covered (flight, hotel, and meals).  We never want money to hinder ministry. If you would like to apply to one of our limited scholarships for your event, please contact the Director of Ministry with the details of your event and let us know which Ministry Initiatives your event is in:  Prayer, New Evangelization, Urban Evangelization, International Outreach, or Ecumenical Harmony.