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Prayer is a crucial part of our healthy spiritual life as Catholic-Christians.  At Hope and Purpose Ministries, we want to create and help foster a culture of prayer for individuals, groups, and parish communities.  We model our culture of prayer on the example that Jesus set for us—Jesus always turned to God, the Father, in prayer during every moment of His life.  So, we too, seek to follow the example of Jesus and help to foster a culture of prayer wherever we go.

Prayer is a time when we both talk and listen to God. We pray to stay close to God and to deepen our relationship with Him.  Through prayer, the Holy Spirit can guide and empower us to move into our Divine Mission and help us follow the will of God.

The Hope and Purpose Ministries’ Prayer Initiative consists of the following goals and actions:

Goal #1:  To fully participate in creating and maintaining a culture of prayer individually and as a Ministry in response to God’s call to nurture a lifestyle of continual prayer that leads to deeper intimacy with Him.

1. Inviting each member of the Hope and Purpose Ministries Team to create a culture of prayer in their own lives by making prayer the primary focus every day; in order to have prayer considered foundational in each person’s life. “Pray in the Spirit always with all kinds of prayer and supplication” (Eph. 6:18).
2. To open each event with prayer and praise and create an atmosphere of prayer.
3.  To implement on-going training in prayer.

Goal #2:  To help begin (or revitalize existing) Charismatic Prayer Groups.

1. To create resources to help parishes begin charismatic prayer groups in their churches that includes a list of benefits, how to start a prayer group, and different formats for a prayer group meeting.
2. To make it a priority to discuss beginning or revitalizing a charismatic prayer group with each pastor where we have events.
3.  To continue the Divine Mercy Parish Charismatic Prayer Group as an example and inspiration to the parishes we visit.  To learn when the next meeting is, please visit our Events Page.
4.  To help network different prayer groups together to share resources and training materials.

Goal #3:  To promote private and communal prayer through various social media outlets.

1. To create and execute a plan to promote and support prayer groups through social media.
2. To create and implement a social media plan to promote and support individuals to remember the benefits of prayer; such as:  deepen their faith, strengthen their relationship with God, better understanding of how to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit in one’s life, etc…
3.  To share practical advice about prayer through social media.

Target Audience of this Initiative:  Everyone.

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