Prayer Walks

Prayer is a crucial part of our healthy spiritual life as Catholic-Christians.  At Hope and Purpose Ministries, we want to create and help foster a culture of prayer for individuals, groups, and parish communities.  We model our culture of prayer on the example that Jesus set for us—Jesus always turned to God, the Father, in prayer during every moment of His life.  So, we too, seek to follow the example of Jesus and help to foster a culture of prayer wherever we go.

Prayer is a time when we both talk and listen to God. We pray to stay close to God and to deepen our relationship with Him.  Through prayer, the Holy Spirit can guide and empower us to move into our Divine Mission and help us follow the will of God.

Prayer Walks

Prayer is one of the cornerstones of Christian faith.  To have a healthy relationship with God, prayer is essential.  But what are “Prayer Walks” and what is the purpose of them?  Simply put, Prayer Walks are when you walk in a certain area and pray.  When we participate in a prayer walk, we are before the Throne of God in an attitude of worship; exalting Jesus and magnifying God through the power of the Holy Spirit from the very place where walk.  We can pray alone or with others.  To pray with others can be encouraging, build spiritual strength, and be a powerful demonstration of our unity of faith.

They are a type of spiritual warfare—both offensive and defensive.  There are different kind of prayer walks for different purposes. Descriptions of some different prayer walks and how to do them are below.

Tips for a successful prayer walk:

Discern if you are called by God to do a prayer walk.

Prepare your heart.

Prayer walks are a type of spiritual warfare.

Ask God to guide, direct, lead and impress you with His agenda.

Before your prayer walk, pray for protection for yourself and those walking with you (if applicable).

Choose a safe, well-lit path to walk on. Walk against traffic.

If taking a prayer walk around a property that is not your own (church, business, school, or city), be sure to stay on public property around the area. Do not trespass on private property!

Remember that a prayer walk is for prayer and conversation with God.  A time of talking and listening with God.  If walking with others, remember that it is not a time for fellowship—do that before or after.  Prayer walks are not a time to let your mind “drift.”  This is a time for focused prayer.

Expect God to help you see the true spiritual needs of the area and how to pray for them.

Walk and pray inconspicuously either individually or in pairs. “Not to be seen but to see.” (Matthew 6:5-6).

Be sensitive to the thoughts and ideas God may be speaking to your heart and then record them.

Invite the presence of God throughout your walk.

Pray the Scriptures—Take your Bible or prepared sheet with the Scriptures listed and read them aloud.

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