Business Prayer Walks

Business Prayer Walks

Where you work is an important space in your life.  Wherever you are standing, you have the right to pray.  Having said that, unless you own your own business, you may not have the spiritual authority to do a prayer walk around your business.  If this is something that you feel God is calling you to do, we recommend prayer and discernment for at least 7 days and clear confirmation.  If you feel that you are called and anointed for a business prayer walk, then keep in mind that you are at a business and profession standards are still in place.

How to do a Business Prayer Walk.  If your business is in a stand-alone building, then walking around the outside is appropriate.  If the weather is bad or your share building space with other businesses, then walking the inside perimeter of your business will work.  Open the prayer in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Then begin with Praise.  Praise God for a few minutes—for your business, your work, your boss, your co-workers, your clients, your suppliers, your inspiration, God’s protection, God’s love, etc…Then move into a time of asking the Holy Spirit to come and cleanse your parish and property of evil and to replace those cleaned places with His Holy Presence.  This is a very important step—never cleanse without replacing.  Pray for protection for your business.  Consider dedicating your work to God.  Ask for blessings and protection over your business.  Close with Praise and Thanksgiving.

Time Commitment:  Monthly or Yearly business prayer walks are appropriate.


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