Church Prayer Walks

Church Prayer Walks

Churches are holy places. You might be wondering why a prayer walk may be needed.  Not everyone who comes inside a church may have the best intentions in mind.  There are situations where evil may be working against a parish.  Spiritual warfare is a reality in Churches as well as the rest of the world.  Begin by asking for your pastor’s permission to do a prayer walk around the church building or grounds.  He may ask for details. Supply him with them without resentment.  He is spiritually and legally responsible for what happens at the parish.  Tell him what you plan to do and ask him to join you if he has time.  He may already do something like this—he may just call it something different.

If your pastor cannot join you, that is okay.  Ask for his blessings for your endeavor.  Invite other church members to join you.  Perhaps there is a prayer group at your parish or other small group that would like to join you.  Just be prepared to tell them what you are doing and why.

How to do a Church Prayer Walk.  Choose a safe path around your parish.  Open the prayer in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Then begin with Praise.  Praise God for a few minutes—for your parish, your pastor and church leadership, for God’s presence in your parish, God’s protection, God’s love, etc…Then move into a time of asking the Holy Spirit to come and cleanse your home and property of evil and to replace those cleaned places with His Holy Presence.  This is a very important step—never cleanse without replacing.  Pray for protection for your parish and invite God to be more present in your parish. Pray for blessings for your parish, the leadership, and the parishioners, and all those who see the parish.  Close with Praise and Thanksgiving.

Time Commitment:  Monthly or Yearly Church Prayer walks are appropriate. 

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