House Prayer Walks


House Prayer Walks

This type of prayer walk is for the protection and blessing of your house.  If you know your property line and can safely walk it, then that would be ideal.  If that is not a safe option, then just around your home is fine.  For those who live in apartments, townhomes, or other houses that attach to someone else’s property (property that you do not have spiritual authority over), then walking the inside walls of your home will work.

How to do a House Prayer Walk.  Choose a time of day that you can safely walk your property (around your house).  Open the prayer in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Then begin with Praise.  Praise God for a few minutes—for your home, family, His protection, God’s love, etc…Then move into a time of asking the Holy Spirit to come and cleanse your home and property of evil and to replace those cleaned places with His Holy Presence.  This is a very important step—never cleanse without replacing.  Pray for protection for your home, family, pets, etc… Close with Praise and Thanksgiving.

Time Commitment:  House prayer walks can be done daily, weekly, or monthly.  The only time commitment is how long it takes you to walk around your home once.  (We are not trying to bring the walls down—you do not need to make seven laps.)




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