School Prayer Walks


School Prayer Walks

Schools are notorious for an excess of emotions and for being a spiritual battleground.  As an adult, you cannot just go on to school property and walk around.  In the times that we live in, schools need to take appropriate actions to keep the children safe.  Knowing this, if you feel called to do a school prayer walk, then we would advise you to choose a safe path that keeps you off of school property. Schools usually have side walks around them that would be safe to walk on.  If possible, choose a route that would take you all the way around.  Or, if the school is too big for that, perhaps do one side a day (or week).  If your child goes to a Catholic school, then consider contacting the principal and discuss the prayer walk with him/her.  It may be possible to advertise the prayer walk to other parents/guardians to do the walk with you.

How to do a School Prayer Walk.  As with the other types of walks we have discussed, open the prayer in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Then begin with Praise.  Praise God for a few minutes—for the school, for education, for the people inside the school, for the school principal and school leadership, etc…Then move into a time of asking the Holy Spirit to come and cleanse the school and property of evil and to replace those cleaned places with His Holy Presence.  This is a very important step—never cleanse without replacing.  Pray for protection for the school.  Pray also blessings for the children that are learning and growing; that God would heal them of self-doubts and protect them from harm—physical, spiritual, mental, etc…Close with Praise and Thanksgiving.

Time Commitment:  These can be done daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.  Some parents are only able to do the School Prayer Walks once a year the weekend before school starts and that is okay—they pray for the whole year.  Some do it right before Summer vacation begins.  Those with more time, who feel called, may decide to invest the time in praying for the school, the teachers, and the students.

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