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Deacon Oney and the Hope and Purpose Ministries team travel to many places throughout the country and abroad.  While we are traveling, we search for opportunities to pray for our cities and the people. We also work toward ecumenical harmony.  While these are not as well publicized as our more formal events, we do make every effort to bring pastors and priests together to pray for peace within our Christian communities and our world.  Hope and Purpose Ministries meet with local pastors in strategic locations to pray over the cities for peace.

In every city, it is our hope that we can meet with local pastors to pray for the cities and build bridges for the local Christian leaders to come together to better serve the needs of the people of their areas.  We are all working to spread the Gospel and sometimes by sharing our time, resources, and prayer, we can make a larger impact in our communities and work toward meaningful changes.

If you are a pastor or leader in your community and you would like Hope and Purpose Ministries to help you learn more about having an ecumenical prayer gathering or prayer walk for your community, please contact us through our Contact Page.

Below is a gallery of pictures from one gathering of pastors and Deacon Larry Oney to pray for their city:

Here is a short video of Deacon Larry Oney praying with a group of pastors and leaders over their city. At the end of the video, they have a great Amen as a Holy Shout: