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One of the main initiatives of Hope and Purpose Ministries is to provide hope to the urban population.  This group is often marginalized and forgotten by the world–underappreciated for the the gifts that they bring to the Christian table.

In an effort to offer encouragement and to help heal the broken-hearted in our urban communities, Hope and Purpose Ministries serves through offering anointed teaching and preaching and holding revivals to being these communities together to try to heal the wounds of years of strife and neglect.  While we understand that this healing might not happen over-night, we are committed to our Urban Evangelization efforts.

In Detroit, we offered one such program and during this time of ministry, many were moved and were freed of years of hopelessness.  Many leaders from across Detroit’s Catholic parishes came to hear Deacon Oney’s witness and anointed teachings on God’s grace.  These times of ministry over a nine-week period brought leaders together to build bridges and offer a way to come together peacefully and then share that peace with their own parishes.

Below is a gallery of pictures from our Detroit program:

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Hope and Purpose Ministries – Urban Evangelization Program In Detroit

Archbishop Vigneron welcomes partnership to “Revive Detroit” in Christ


(left to right: Fr. Eduardo Montemayor, Deacon Larry Oney, Bishop Donald Hanchon, Archbishop Vigneron, Gerardo Hernandez)

The Archdiocese of Detroit and the New Orleans-based Hope and Purpose Ministries created “Revive Detroit,” an urban evangelization ministry with a series of events and gatherings that began in August 2015 at the northwest Detroit parishes of Corpus Christi and St. Scholastica.

Archbishop Vigneron formally invited the founder and leader of Hope and Purpose Ministries, Deacon Larry Oney, to partner with archdiocesan clergy and lay leaders to form the Revive Detroit ministry with the specific intent to ignite the faithful to become passionate, missionary disciples of Christ. In his letter of invitation, the Archbishop said, “Your planning and enthusiasm for this project have given me great excitement and hope for our renewed efforts of sharing Christ in and through the Church in the city of Detroit.” Revive Detroit is part of an archdiocesan-wide evangelization initiative, including a synod in the fall of 2016.

Revive Detroit consisted of three events in the Trinity Vicariate with a special focus on the area’s African-American population. Plans are to extend Revive Detroit throughout the city to engage the Hispanic community and others. Catholic Television Network of Detroit (CTND) recorded the events. “I sense this partnership has the potential of touching thousands of hearts with Christ’s love, mercy, and healing,” said Rev. Eduardo Montemayor, SOLT, associate director of Evangelization and Hispanic Ministry for the Archdiocese and coordinator of Revive Detroit.

The three Revive Detroit events included:

Deacon Oney presented a pre-evangelization evening of music and preaching entitled “Amazing Grace Overcoming Race” in which he spoke on his personal struggle with racism and the importance of God’s grace and healing. “Amazing Grace Overcoming Race” took place on Thursday, August 20, 2015 at Corpus Christi Parish and on Friday, August 21, 2015 at St. Scholastica Parish.

The final component, “Your Divine Mission,” consisted of Deacon Oney giving two evening talks and a day retreat. This event was a huge success and Hope and Purpose Ministries looks forward to supporting the Archdiocese of Detroit and other Diocese throughout the world in the New Evangelization.